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A lot of folks don’t know about services. Sometimes people just need a helping hand and to know that someone cares. Through outreach, we’re able to go out and reach folks who aren’t ready to come in.

Building strong relationships is essential. This work takes time. There are legitimate barriers that prevent people from accessing services; such as unsatisfying, problematic or traumatic experiences. For many people with addiction issues, with pets, with partners they refuse to part with, or who are underage and fearful of being turned over to child protection authorities, there may be real or perceived barriers to accessing existing services. It may also be the case that a person has simply ‘slipped through the cracks’ and is unaware of the range of services and supports that are out there.

Through the development of positive relationships, the attainment of the larger goal of helping people access the services and supports they choose in order to help them move forward with their lives can be achieved.

Our Community Outreach Program is located at 74 Main Street. Feel free to contact an Outreach Worker at 431-346-0361 / 431-346-0631 or ffafc_outreach@outlook.com / ffafcor@outlook.com