keekih housing initiative

keekih is the Cree word for my house, my home, and is the name of this housing project. The logo symbolizes a roof over one’s head, a circle of community support and the earth, trees and sky that we are a part of.

The Need

This housing initiative was born from a need for access to safe and affordable housing inclusive of support to achieve housing stability.

Findings from a research study in 2014 and subsequent study information revealed:

  • The size of the homeless population in Flin Flon appears to be a serious issue that requires attention
  • Employment and education rates suggest a need for supportive services even after being housed
  • The situation of Indigenous homelessness in Flin Flon is serious enough that there should be some joint attention and initiatives
  • Low-income households, especially single people, likely need rent supplements because the private rental market would not be able to meet their housing needs
  • There are insufficient rental properties for vulnerable individuals and folks experiencing socio-economic challenges

A local community Committee evolved as a result of the research conducted on homelessness in the Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach areas. Committee members include individuals working with service agencies and organizations with mandates linked to housing and homelessness, landlords, local governments, interested members of the community, and those with lived experience.

As a result of the above studies and the Committee’s recommendations, this project is advancing to Phase One – the exploration of the feasibility and opportunities for community engagement.

The Vision

The project is being driven from a community-based perspective, engaging stakeholders in design, development, and delivery through a holistic approach. This is transformative as it anticipates needs for supports to achieve housing stability by improving on social determinants for health through the coordination of services in Safe Spaces with ease of access to meet tenant needs. The project focuses on environmental impact by employing eco and energy efficient mechanisms that are cost effective to improve on the environmental footprint – not only from an organization perspective, but from a tenant perspective as well. The project also cultivates capacity for project management, asset maintenance, asset management expansion, and employment training and opportunities.

The Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Centre Inc. is leading a community project exploring opportunities to renovate an existing property or complete a new build to accommodate supported and affordable housing, an emergency shelter and related social support services.

Stay tuned for more updates!